Interview with myself Part 1/6

If I would do a job interview with myself, what to ask? I want to get the job.

These classic questions are what a reporter or detective would ask, that´s part of their job. So, to solve these questions about yourself is your job. Find your own answer.

These answers are alive, they have a soul and they change. They are on the move. Probably your answers will change over time.


“Who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche


For me the Why is the motivation, fuel, heart and focus. Is like the wind, it will push you in the correct direction. No wind, no sailing.

I heard many times, “How to motivate yourself?” Or “I don´t have motivation to study”. Find a Why and you will be motivated, for some time at least.

Why and How, are always together. I’ll talk later about the How in another post because is also an interesting topic.

For many people their Why could be to get out of a bad/boring job or even to get more money. Money is also part of the deal, but hopefully is not your only reason.

The problem with money is that is an external motivator, but is also a long-term reward. Means that tomorrow you won’t get more money, so what’s the point of studying? It’s like trading your free time for a prize to be collected in 2 years. As humans we love the instant rewards, so I don’t blame you to choose the Netflix/Videogames/whatever over a what it seems a two-year perspective reward. Shortly after we feel bad about wasting time.

We are stuck in a loop, the scariest thing for a network person! Loops require administrative action to fix them, they won’t disappear (If you are interested in network loops, research about the difference between a permanent loop and a micro/temporary loop that occurs with link-state protocols).

For other people, their Why is about personal recognition; to prove themselves they can do it or maybe just for being a little better every day.

I think this kind of motivation can get rewarded easier, like for example sharing your progress via Twitter, LinkedIn or even writing a blog thus getting a reward in a way to keep pushing/grinding your way.

Sharing your progress will benefit you by being accountable in front of others and also It might help others to get started or get a small push.

Then Why I want to invest time to study CCIE? You may have seen my career path page in the blog, this is a step on my way to CCDE but a necessary step.

Besides I want to be more knowledgeable in many topics and meet other students/travelers in the path.

Writing a blog and be more interactive in the social media could be a good tool for the path, I´m sure will be helpful when I’d feel burnt/frustrated.


If you are really serious about improving your life, getting a cert, changing job or anything that will require time/sacrifices you have to spend time to find a strong Why.

Don’t just have it, write it down. Note it down, and when in doubt open that page and remember.

So, what’s your Why?


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