Why 1000 hours?

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”
― Siddhārtha Gautama

Converging is a very interesting concept, it means that everybody agrees and there is silence. Everybody is synchronized, until the next event or failure. Happy times.

It is well known that the recommended or average hours for passing CCIE is around 1000 hours, which is a reasonable time to get enough theory and practice to have a chance to pass the lab.

 If we take weekends out of the equation, a year will have approximately 50 weeks , that´s 20h study a week plus your 40h working time. If you study on weekends even better, you can add extra time. 20h a week can get you your 1000 hours to converge in a year.

I said before that convergence means silence, that´s not entirely true. Routers still will send keepalives/hellos and database refreshers to make sure the database is not corrupted.

Humans like protocols, are prone to error and to corruption. We are going to forget all the EIGRP details that you had so fresh in your memory 3 months ago, memory fades away. Was it number 88 or 89? 224.0.0. what?

We as humans also need keepalives, we benefit from repetition and practice over time. That´s what they call spaced repetition, you can get that going with flashcards(see Anki as an example).

Lab practice is equally important, as the thinking speed and typing speed will be an important advantage. At least a third of your time should go into deliberate lab practice, not just making the protocols work but especially trying hard to break them. Further down the path, you could put more time into the labs.

For CCIE converging, we have to master theory, design and configuration.In that order: what it is, why would you choose one design over another and how you would configure it.

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