The Schrödinger lab – 3rd attempt Part 2

Sometimes dreams come true

After finishing the exam, every person passed or every person failed. Both at the same time, coexisting.

Until you check, until you click on your exam results. Until then, you dream.

Dreaming. That´s what you do when you finish your exam. Did I pass or not? Will be able to have now a better life?

You imagine your reaction if you pass and also at the same time you imagine your reaction if you fail.

Both thoughts about my reaction were wrong.


In previous chapters…

It was around 7 a.m when I got the email from Cisco. Results of CCIE lab exam were delivered.

Just had to log in and check. My heart was racing, heart attack incoming.

And I clicked to log in…


But nothing. I clicked again, and nothing.

I got an error. Wait a second, no Internet?

Efing networks. Lets open cmd and ping to google. Ping -t . It works.

But the webpage was not loading. Stupid DNS. It is always you.

Well let´s troubleshoot, change DNS server, reload laptop…


I´m sorry to be so cruel with you, reader. The webpage loaded normally. DNS was fine.


Did I pass?

Yeah, I passed. I passed. At 7:06 a.m all the infinites possibilities collapsed into a single determined one.

And it was read as “Pass”. What a efing beautiful word. I would marry that word if I could, but I can´t.

It´s 7:09 am, and my wife is sleeping happily. I interrupted her dream to give her the news.

She seemed even happier and we yell a little in the hotel. Not too loud, not too long.

I went shower. I went breakfast. Then came back home and told everybody that I passed.


And know you know it also. Can you believe it? I still cannot!


Exam info

This is a report of a CCIE lab


Later on I will make a summary of an estimate of study hours, lab hours, book read and money invested.

It´s gonna be a hard work to find all that info!

See you next time 🙂


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